Jet Ski Licencing

Jet Ski Licencing Rockhampton & Yeppoon

Get Skiing with your Jet Ski Licence

The correct name for the Jetski is Personal Watercraft (P.W.C.) and if you want to drive one you need a Personal Watercraft Licence (P.W.C.L.) obtained by completing a jet ski licencing course. This law came into legislation in 2006 after it was decided this particular vessel was far more dangerous and created more complaints than other vessels. The Jetski is basically the smallest boat with the biggest motor making them incredibly manoeuvrable and fast.

You can’t get a P.W.C.L. without having a boat licence although it is common for people to get them on the same day.

The course is reasonably quick as it mostly includes the parts of P.W.C. rules that are different from the Boat, i.e. no level 100 lifejackets are allowed, less than 6knots when 60m from swimmers in the water where it is only 30m for a boat.

Training and assessment will be provided by a qualified instructor with our purpose-built vessels and  our safety gear, although if you would like to bring your own lifejacket that is OK as well. We use our purpose-built training room on the water of the beautiful Causeway Lake so there is no need to travel from the training room to the on water location.

Allow about 2 hours to do the Jetski course although this could change depending on numbers booked in on the day.

Like the boat licence, the certificate you get from us is not a licence but something you need to take to Queensland Transport to get one. You will finish up with a new drivers licence with P.W.C.L. stamped on the back with the date it was processed.

Online Boat & Jet Ski Licencing

Online Theory

Allows you to complete the boat and jetski licence theory component of the course in your own time on the internet, leaving only a multiple choice test and practical component on a course date.

Jet Ski Licencing Rockhampton & Yeppoon
Face to Face Boat & Jet Ski Licencing Rockhampton & Yeppoon


The face to face boat and jetski licence courses consist of theory component in the purpose built training facility on the waters edge, followed by a multiple choice written test, with the afternoon spent completing the practical component.

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Boat Licence

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